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"I call what O’Bomba is selling,
'The Mendacity of Hope.' "



Cheney was in the loop for sure.

So was Poppy.

Maybe Marvin too.



Clinton’s role in the 1993 WTC Bombings,
the OKC Bombings, Waco,
and TWA 800 needs to be questioned!



We ALL have a voice!

I am just an old punk rocker, turned revolutionary.

New American Dream Interview

JACK BLOOD, 45, lives in Austin, Texas.

For fourteen years — he has been a radio talk show host.

His program was recently pulled from the GCN network.

The reason given by GCN was ...

"They disapproved of one of my advertisers – Neo Cons Gone Wild — an animated satire of our political establishment – which they ( the GCN Sales staff) initially suggested to me.

"So I was pulled for airing an ad they contracted.

"It was likely for “personal” reasons as I had one of the biggest shows on GCN.

"More affiliates – and listeners than most.

"Biggest guests etc … I think that it was for the best, though.

"I am excited to be on where I can broadcast uncensored for the first time in my career.

"The FU stands for Freedom Underground.

"We are up and running now, and the archives are free for all.

"Blood is going to re-launch from the WFU network."


The New American Dream Trivia Question

To win a used T-shirt from Mike Palecek's book tour of 2007-2008, be the first one to correctly answer the following.
[The shirts are large, black or white, with a variety of anti-Bush messages, probably washed.]

You probably don't know that Jack Blood:

a. Plays the violin

b. Has a Go Sooners bumper sticker on his black SUV

c. Makes awesome vegetarian chili

d. Was a high school soccer goalie

Is the reigning spades champion of D-block in the Travis County Jail.

f. Once beat Alex Jones in one-on-one basketball, 20-zip.


NAD: Jack, hello, welcome.

Are your parents Mr. and Mrs. Blood?


No that was my Great, Great Grandparent’s name. I Re-adopted it as they only had girls.

I only know of two other Jack Bloods, so I think it was a good choice.

My real name is Samuel Clemens.

NAD: Where are you from?


I was born in Seattle. But I have lived in LA, NY, Chicago, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Orleans, Phoenix etc..

Radio is a transitory existence.

NAD: In five lines or less, how did you find your way to the chair behind the microphone?


Well the chair has a homing device and I just follow the Beeps….

I was a Musician for most of the 80’s and 90’s.

One day while living in Providence Rhode Island, I saw an ad for radio producers in the local newspaper.

I had some experience having been a correspondent for KCMU in Seattle in 1983 … I not only got the job, but within two years I was running two 50,000 watt stations making a six figure salary.

I gave myself a radio show, FUZZBOX, in 1995 which was mostly commentary on Music and Culture.

In early 2001 (after Bush stole the election) DEADLINE LIVE was born.

The rest is history ….

NAD: Is that where you feel most comfortable?


Not really, I enjoy writing the most.

I am in the final phase of my radio career as we speak.

To read my crazy writing, go to

I am also working on an internet TV show, and putting together a worldwide activist group called PROJECT 1000. Look for that in March 2009.


"Stay BOLD America!"


NAD: Do you find hope in Obama?


I don’t go on “Hope” – I call what O’Bomba is selling, “The Mendacity of Hope”.

He is surrounded by Trilateral Commission Ghouls, and has already appointed people who were involved in torture, and PNAC members to his Administration.

I expect much of the same with O’Bomba. It IS Bush’s third term after all. I supported Ron Paul, and then Cynthia McKinney for Prez.

NAD: Did you find hope in Clinton?


Like a sucker I voted for Bubba in 1992. (after 12 years of Bush Reagan we were all desperate!)

Later I found out that he was Poppy Bush’s business partner, and likely the illegitimate son of Winthrop Rockefeller.

I did some research on the Rhodes scholarship and Oxford, which introduced me to “Fabian Socialism”.

Clinton’s role in the 1993 WTC Bombings, the OKC Bombings, Waco, and TWA 800 needs to be questioned!

His new endeavor is CGI, The Clinton Global Initiative.

I suggest your readers check that out.

Every major elite power broker and controller is a member … This thing puts the Bilderberg Group to shame.

NAD: Would you like to choose one of these to answer, elaborate on?

We don't ask this to make fun. We ask because we really seek the answers.

Are UFOs real?

Unidentified Flying objects are real. However I see no REAL evidence that they are being commanded by creatures from space. Keep in mind that a “threat from space” will unify the world, and could birth Global Governance.

Project Bluebird is studying just that (How to fake first contact).

Reagan was known to discuss this “solution” to an alien threat.

The odds for extraterrestrial intelligent life are really much longer than people want to admit.

That a technologically inclined being could exist elsewhere, and that they could travel here.
Not impossible, but improbable.

It could be that the human species is nothing more than a freak accident.
I just want to see the proof, if I am wrong I will stand corrected.

Did we land on the moon in 1968?

After researching this for many years … I believe we did. I can see why folks think we didn’t though.

Did Bush knock down the towers?

No – I believe he was largely out of the loop on this. The look on his face when Andy Card whispered in his ear says it all.

It was a black op that was above his pay grade.

Cheney was in the loop for sure.

So was Poppy.

Maybe Marvin too.

Was Paul Wellstone's death an accident?

Absolutely NOT!

Wellstone was powerful enough to expose the USA Patriot act.

He would’ve been a BIG problem for Jr Bush.

I think Dr Jim Fetzer did a pretty solid investigation on this.

Is Bigfoot real?

NO evidence.

Is there a God?

I really don’t know. Unlike many, I have never talked to him or seen him (or her).

If there is a “god” it isn’t a dude in white robes in the sky.

The lore comes largely from Sun Worship in ancient civilizations I would say.

However I do have faith that there is something that is bigger than us.
This is likely Waaaaay beyond our understanding as humans.

Science is getting kinda close though.

... What makes you think that?

My lifelong search for “god”, my study of every major religion, and my own scientific research

NAD: What's it like to have a radio show, a large audience, a forum, a voice?


We ALL have a voice!

Mine is a bit louder than some.

The best thing for me is getting to grill people like Ollie North, Tim Russert (r.i.p.), Generals, and Politicians etc …

I just feel it’s my responsibility as an American to “Search and Repair” as I call it.

I get to help people, and I believe that I have been effective.

I have always said, that if I can reach just one person, I think it’s all been worth it.

That one person could be the next great patriot, ya never know.

But – I tell the Truth, and have a Big mouth.

I am soooo politically incorrect that I have scared off most of my audience over the years.

I can still reach a ton of people though with the help of people like you Mike. Thanks for that.

NAD: Is the daily show a grind? Do you ever find it hard to find things to talk about?


Yes. It’s really hard work, to be honest.

It takes a lot of time because I pride myself on being up to speed on current events. I also produce and engineer the show by myself.

Finding things to talk about is pretty easy.

Having the balls to say what needs to be said is tough for us all.

There are repercussions for telling it like it is.

My family has made a lot of sacrifices to back me in doing this.

Freedom is my reward!

NAD: Would you ever like to take a break from reading, and just not know what's going on for a while?


LOL … yes! We all need a break from time to time.

So I take a break here and there, and make sure that I have time to spend with my family.

I have a five-year-old boy that keeps me grounded.

But the problems facing the world, and this country, are too great to not stay focused on the job at hand.

I have had my fun … I have dedicated the rest of my life to the cause of Freedom.

NAD: Please tell us more about yourself, the things you have done, what you would like to do, what you did today.

In other words, what is your current passion? What did you absolutely have to get done by noon today?

How about by Christmas 2010?


... and then when they go to bed I work until about 4 A.M.



My Life is an open book, I am just an old punk rocker, turned revolutionary.

In many ways that is compatible. I have always questioned authority, and always tried to stay out of the “system”.

For instance, I have never had a credit card.

I have not had a driver’s license for at least ten years.

The culture we live in is driven by how ingrained we are into the established status quo. I reject this. Its up to us to change that.

My mantra is, “Decentralize and Repeal.”

My day’s are pretty boring really, very routine.

I wake up, answer mail, check all the news sites, and design that day’s radio broadcast.

I spend the evenings with my family (I work at home), and then when they go to bed I work until about 4 A.M.

Anyway, I know people are curious, but this isn’t about us …

This is about what kind of nation we will bequeath to our children.

We are in the middle of a revolution!

The end of the beginning has arrived.

So I am working with others to strategize what the next phase of the revolution will be, and how we can be successful in that endeavor.

Christmas 2010?

Hopefully we won’t be in a World War. I know that many, really good people are running for Office, and I hope to help support them.

As I already mentioned, I am ramping up a world wide activist group (PROJECT 1000) Which I hope to have running smoothly by this time.

NAD: What caused the financial crisis?

Did it have anything at all to do with spending millions of dollars a day on war? Is it Karma?

Is it someone in a room somewhere waving a magic wand?

Is it too complicated to understand?


I think that its pretty easy to understand once you get out of the groupthink, and propaganda of the Lame Stream Media.

I wrote about this when it hit us hard last September.


Next I wrote: The Royal bailout Bluff - and the lemmings that Jump off it you can read that here:


Yes, spending trillions on war was not helpful.

Borrowing money for everything under the sun, fiat currency, Fractional reserve lending …. But the “Financial 911” was, like the other 911, engineered to bring about more centralization, and legislation to bring about more control domestically, and to merge the USA into global parody.

Obama, Brzezinski, Kissinger, Scowcroft … have all talked about this.

We in the USA have had it too good for too long!

We must reset the world order to level the playing field (make room for the China’s of the world) and the financial crisis was necessary to do that.

Also, the inflation and deflation of the economic bubble has been strategically used for the last 100 + years to capture REAL wealth from the people.

It’s not enough that they tax us to death, they want it all.

So I agree with Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) The failure was built into the system.

Part of the Treasury Dept’s new “blueprint” is consolidation of financial institutions. (Just as 911 was about consolidation of the intelligence community.)

Already, local credit unions in Austin have gone belly up.

This is substantial because local independent (of the Bank of International Settlements and the Federal Reserve) banking institutions that keep our money in our own communities, were a threat to centralized power.

It’s called “Cost Benefit Analysis”.

The Matrix Moles and Neo-Pharaohs as I call them, make sure that they benefit on multiple levels before starting an operation.

Cui Bono is always the question I ask … Who Benefits? How did Buffet, Soros, and Rothschild get out of the markets just in time?

Watch the Jimmy Stuart film, Its a Wonderful Life. Keep in mind that art does, many times ... imitate life.

It is exciting entering into 2009 because a real effort is being mounted to expose this, and to repeal the Fed Charter. End the FED! I predict that this movement will be huge this year!

And we need it.

True Free Market Capitalism has been replaced first with “Cartel Capitalism” and now with National Socialism. While we need to keep in mind that no system is perfect, ala … There is NO Utopia …

The Free Market gives “We the People” a chance to have our say.

The biggest problem has been that the people have grown, or been socially engineered to be lazy, and confused about matters of finance.

If we get another crack at this we will need to learn how to rise up and vote with our dollars (while we still have them), and we will need to empower ourselves with boycotts and strikes.

The future is up to us.

NAD: What else would you like to add? What else should we have asked?


Well I want to thank you again for the opportunity to speak to your readers, and encourage them to tune into and participate in our debates at

We are REALLY gonna need everyone going forward.

Stay BOLD America!!!!

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Answer to the NAD Trivia Question:

Ta - Da!!!!

Answer is: a. c. and f!)!

[Interview first published February 2009]

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