David Ray Griffin

The New American Dream Interview

DAVID RAY GRIFFIN, 69, lives in California in the Santa Barbara area.

He grew up in Oregon.

He is a retired professor of philosophy of religion and theology at Claremont School of Theology and Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA.

The author of over thirty books, he has recently published seven books on the subject of the Sept. 11 attacks:

The New Pearl Harbor
The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions,
Christian Faith and the Truth behind 9/11
9/11 and the American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out (edited with Peter Dale Scott)
Debunking 9/11 Debunking: An Answer to Popular Mechanics and Other Defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory
9/11 Contradictions: An Open Letter to Congress and the Press
The New Pearl Harbor Revisited

In these books, he provides multiple lines of evidence pointing to the falsity of the official account of 9/11.


The New American Dream Trivia Question

To win a round button that says, "Bush Is Lying About What He Knew," be the first one to correctly answer the following.

David Ray Griffin would rather be ....

a. Dressed in camouflage and orange, grilling venison burgers in his backyard in Mill City b. Studying controlled demolition science at MIT c. Fishing for bluegills in an Iowa farm pond d. Meeting Karl Rove in the alley behind Zodo's Bowling & Beyond e. Pope For A Day f. Writing a book about God and Gawd.


"... once the Bush-Cheney administration is out of office,
so that people will be less fearful of retaliation
and all the government agencies are under new heads,
there will at least be a chance.

David, hello, thank you for taking the time for this.

Where did you grow up?


Although I was born in eastern Washington, near Grand Coulee (where my father worked on the dam), I grew up in Hermiston, Oregon.

NAD: What was on the list of activities under your senior picture in the yearbook?


Tennis team, band, honor society, thespians, director of the dance band, director of the pep band.

NAD: What did you start out wanting to be?


Trumpet player.

NAD: Is there still time?


No, and I changed my mind (during my first year of college), anyway.

By the time I finished my BA and MA, I had decided what I wanted to be: a philosophical theologian.

NAD: Did you ever want to just get a job on one of those ocean ships at Coos Bay and just go?


No, although I love being BY the ocean, I don’t like being ON it.

NAD: Did the forest, the ocean, the nature of Oregon have anything to do with your budding interest in God and religion? Just a thought.


No, on the eastern side of the state, where I grew up, there was little green. I didn’t get to the green side of the state until I went to college (in Eugene, Oregon), and at that time I didn’t find the green to be worth the price (almost constant rain).

Indeed, one morning I woke up thinking about doing a correlation on the amount of atheism on college campuses and the annual rainfall.

NAD: Would you like to choose one of these to answer, elaborate on?

We don't ask this to make fun. We ask because we really seek the answers.

Are UFOs real?

Of course there are lots of flying objects that have been unidentified. As to what people usually mean when they say UFOs, the phenomena are extremely puzzling. I tried at one time to find a theory that would take account of all the well-attested data but found that I couldn’t.

Did we land on the moon in 1968?

You and I didn’t, but some other guys did (I assume).

Did Bush knock down the towers?

Whether Bush himself was behind it at that time, I don’t know, but certainly Cheney and other people in the Bush administration were.

Was Paul Wellstone's death an accident?

I strongly doubt it (see my review of The Assassination of an American Senator, by James Fetzer and Four Arrows, on Amazon.com).

The Oklahoma City bombing? Wasn't that just another U.S. government terrorist exercise? Or not.

Although I haven’t studied the evidence sufficiently to make a very strong statement, what I have read thus far has led me to believe that the official story is a lie.

Waco. We burned kids, right? You can see flames shooting out of the tanks. Or not.

I’ve studied that incident even less, so don’t feel qualified to say.

Is Bigfoot real?

Yes, he won several gold medals in the swimming races during the recent Olympic Games in China.

Is there a God?

Not under the normal definition, according to which the word “God” refers a being who can interrupt the world’s normal causal processes (see my books on the problem of evil and on the relation between science and religion).

But I have provided several reasons to believe in the reality of a divine reality that is more worthy, in my opinion, of our reverence and worship.

(The answer to the trivia question above is that I would rather — if only we could get the truth about 9/11 exposed — be writing a book called: Why Gawd Does Not Exist—but God Does.)

... What makes you think that?

On why not the traditional God (“Gawd”), see God, Power, and Evil: A Process Theodicy.

On why the non-traditional God of process philosophy and theology, see Reenchantment without Supernaturalism: A Process Philosophy of Religion.

NAD: Do you have hope in Obama?



NAD: What happened to Kucinich, Nader, McKinney, Paul — and why did they not have a chance?


That’s too obvious to answer.

NAD: Who decided our candidates would be Obama and McCain anyway?


Answering that would be beyond my pay grade.

NAD: Please tell us more about yourself, the things you have done, what you would like to do, what you did today. What do you eat, what do you drive, what do you drink.


I have mainly taught (from 1968 to 2004), run centers (the Center for Process Studies [in Claremont] and the Center for a Postmodern World [in Santa Barbara), and written books and articles.

What I did today is answered below.

I am a virtual vegetarian. Today was heavy on the “virtual” — I had French toast, Manhattan clam chowder, cheese and bread.

I drive a Honda Insight (53 mpg).

Water, tea, and Zin.

NAD: What color is your toothbrush? [Without going to look.] Automatic or manual?


I have six, various colors, all manual.

NAD: Pajamas or sweatpants?


If you mean what I sleep in, shorts.

NAD: Does your favorite coffee cup have words on it?


I don’t drink coffee, only tea.

What are they? I have multiple tea cups, which I love with equal amounts of affections — some plain, some with writing.

NAD: What did you absolutely have to get done by noon today?


Nothing, absolutely. But what I wanted to do, and did, was to incorporate dozens of helpful suggestions from one my readers for Chapter 5 of my book on NIST’s WTC report — a chapter dealing with NIST’s ignoring of testimonial evidence for explosions in WTC 7 (which included its distortion of Barry Jennings’ testimony).

NAD: How about by Christmas 2009?


Nothing. But what I would like to do is write congratulatory letters to all the members of the 9/11 truth movement who helped the truth finally get publicly exposed and accepted.

NAD: Do you think Bush did it, or do you just think we don't have the answers?


Already answered.

NAD: Do you think we are getting closer to closure on this, or is it all just drifting away from us, like a red beach ball off the Newport coast?


I don’t know, but I believe that, once the Bush-Cheney administration is out of office, so that people will be less fearful of retaliation and all the government agencies are under new heads, there will at least be a chance.

As Commerce Secretary, for example, Bill Richardson may be open to the evidence that NIST wrote its WTC reports as a political, not a scientific, agency (which is the book I’m currently working on).

A hopeful sign is the emergence of various new organizations with petitions for members to sign: Lawyers for 9/11 Truth, Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth, Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth, Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth, and Scientists and Mathematicians for 9/11 Truth.

NAD: What else should I have asked?


What’s the title of your present book in progress?

"The Mysterious Collapse of WTC 7: Why NIST’s Final 9/11 Report is Unscientific and False."

What is the title of your most recent article?

“Is Osama bin Laden Dead? If so, How Does He Keep Sending Messages? And Why Do We Hunt Him?”

NAD: Thank you.

You’e welcome. David

Lisa Casey

This photograph was taken right before my departure as a literacy teacher at the state prison in the spring of 2002.

The Department of Corrections did not provide me with books the first 10 months of my employment. My superiors in the DOC Education hierarchy were of little or no help.

Needless to say, I had to improvise. I began each class reading a local newspaper to the student inmates followed by a current events discussion.

I obtained bi-lingual educational inmate aides to assist the non-English speaking inmate students. We made our own study sheets (on a computer I donated to my class) and studied everything from the alphabet to volcanoes. I was eventually reprimanded for taking those initiatives.

In case you are wondering, I felt safe in a classroom with 30-plus inmates in a maximum security prison.

[Over-heard on the web:

Lisa Casey Is My Personal God.
I get to talk to her by phone on occassion and she has the sweetest southern drawl. Also calls me "Hon" and "Sweetie" a lot. That is endearing.

Oh, did I mention that she runs one of the best anti-Bush sites on the web?

Props to All Hat!]

Below is a picture of me during the

Clinton Administration of peace and prosperity.


Raised in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., during the "Where the Boys Are" era, when the worst thing a Republican governor did was try to peddle oranges to the Pope. Public schools were excellent, with 75 percent of high school grads continuing in higher learning. A voucher in those days was a receipt for payment.

We were taught to respect the Florida Aquifer, our only source of fresh water, because it was about twelve inches below our feet.

We knew the pollution in the Everglades was caused primarily by the Cuban-American owned sugar industry, which was supported on the backs of laborers from the Caribbean.

We welcomed tourists in South Florida because tourism was a great part of our economy.

We also knew that many visitors would relocate to this area. I married one.

Drugs began arriving in ever-increasing amounts during the early 1970s. First it was marijuana, and crime rates remained relatively low. Next it was cocaine.

In the 1980's, under the Reagan/Bush reign, paradise became America's hotspot for drug importation, arms dealing and money laundering.

That is why this website exists.

I want every vote to be counted.

That is when we left and ended up in the panhandle (Update: I moved to Alabama in 2005).

What I am saying, folks, is YES: It is important to vote and just as important to know all about the politicians you vote into office — except, apparently, if you live in Florida.

That is why this website exists. I want every vote to be counted.


Advertising print and web art/graphic/publication design/illustration.

Resource Marketing Inc. : Art Director 1975 - 1977

Advertising/Illustration/Graphic Publication Design: 1978-present - Clients included Harris Computers, Eastern Airlines, Bodega Steak House Chain, Broward County Historical Society, Joy's Florist, Horn of Plenty Furniture, Game Group of Companies (Durban, South Africa), Broward County Tourism Council, Sunshine Sunday Magazine-Sun-Sentinel, Santa Rosa Sun, Gulf Coast Commerce and presently All Hat No Cattle


Parochial and public schools in South Florida

University of Florida - Florida State University - Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Arts/Art Education and Constructive Design

Teaching experience:

Maclay School: (formerly Alfred B. Maclay Jr. Day School) 1969-1971 Head of lower school Art Education Department

Gretna Public School: 1973-74. Taught art education to rural black children grades 1-6 (internship)

Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale: 1981-1983 Taught Advertising Design, Photography Design and Drawing
Florida Department of Corrections: 2001 - 2002 Taught literacy to prison inmates. Literacy range was from 1st to 3rd grade TABE test scores. One third of my class was non-speaking English.


by David Namanny

LISA CASEY: Phototoonist

After the shocking events of the 2000 Presidential election, Lisa Casey, Phototoonist/Producer/Owner/Website putter togetherer — established the website AllHatNoCattle, in the hope that humor would help her get through the next four years of the Bush administration — that was almost six years ago.

And she's still here.

She the events created politicians, especially those "compassionate conservatives", in the form of humor. She creates and writes many of the phototoons and all of the copy on her site, in fact, It's a one woman operation.

"I provide daily political psychotherapy in order to keep myself and my viewers sane," said Casey. "I believe the Internet will make our earth smaller and peaceful through truth."

"I believe the Internet will make
our earth smaller and peaceful through truth."

NAD: When did you start your political web site and why?


I started my website in November 2000 when Gov. Jeb Bush broke his oath to uphold the laws of my state of Florida. He instead went to the U.S. Supreme Court to help get his brother elected president.

I started my website in November 2000 when Governor Jeb Bush broke his oath to uphold the laws of my state of Florida.

He instead went to the U.S. Supreme Court to help get his brother elected president.

The Bush family was very familiar to me growing up in South Florida.

George H. W. Bush was closely linked to Manuel Noriega, the Iran-Contra affair and some woman in Miami. Jeb was hooked up with shady, Cuban-run real estate deals.

I was a fan of neither, and when little George reared his ugly head in 2000 I knew this country was in for a good old fashioned gang rape.

By that time I was living in Northwest Florida, an extremely conservative area of the state that was heavily supportive of Dubya.

I'm a conservative Democrat and not taken with many conspiracy theories.

But the halt of the vote recount in my state crossed over the line and motivated me to utilize my website-building skills to help myself and other wonderful people I met over the Internet to laugh through political turmoil.

My site began small and grew with demand over the years into a part time job run solely by myself.

I am truly grateful to Al Gore for inventing all these Internets, by the way.

My website grew more popular, and about six months after Jeb Bush handed his brother the presidency, a staff aide was found dead under unusual circumstances in the office of my Republican Congressman, Joe Scarborough, who now hosts a show on MSNBC.

I watched the hometown newspaper of Scarborough virtually ignore the news of the dead aide found in his office.

This was my first experience with suppression of news.

I watched the hometown newspaper of Scarborough virtually ignore the news of the dead aide found in his office.

This was my first experience with suppression of news.

I also was also disgusted at the lackadaisical investigation of the death by local authorities, and to this day I keep information about the case posted on my website.

In 2006, Scarborough sent me a cease-and-desist letter demanding that I remove any reference to him and the dead aide from my site.

I didn't, and he backed off. The page on my website remains quite popular among viewers.

NAD: I see you are an artist.

Tell me about your art and what motivated you to be an artist.


I started drawing as a young child.

My father, also an artist, motivated me and taught me to draw as soon as I could hold a pencil.

My work has always leaned toward statement art.

Strong and large.

Finding a job in art was nearly impossible when I graduated from college, so I got into advertising.

It paid well, and I enjoyed the lifestyle it afforded me in very expensive Fort Lauderdale.

My work has always leaned toward statement art.

Strong and large.

NAD: Besides art and the web site, do you have another job?

LISA CASEY: My website is my only "job" — a part time job, really.

I'm now dabbling in flipping houses. (In fact, I'm putting one up for sale. Interested?)

As far as my teaching experience, in 1973 I interned in Gretna, Fla., at an all-black school comprised of poor children of farmers (more accurately described as sharecroppers).

My teaching experience began at the Maclay School in Tallahassee, Fla., where I was head of the art department for grades 1-8 in 1972-1973.

I also taught part time at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in the early '80s.

My last teaching job was in 2001-2002 at the Florida Department of Corrections, Santa Rosa County, where I taught basic literacy.

That was a challenge, since I wasn't provided any books for my students.

But they built a fancy baptismal pool for the prison chapel that we got to watch from my classroom! Thanks, Gov. Jeb Bush!

NAD: Where did you grow up?


I was born about ten minutes as the crow flies from George W. Bush's birthplace, New Haven, Conn.

In 1953, my parents moved to Fort Lauderdale to pursue a life in flora land.

My education is full-Floridian.

I first attended the University of Florida and then transferred to and graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Visual Arts and Education.

NAD: What events influenced you the most when you were young?


John F. Kennedy's death was a defining moment in my life, followed by my father's death 10 months later when I was thirteen.

That made me grow up and realize how short life is.

NAD: What band or type of music hits home for you?


Favorite songs: Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd, Crazy by Patsy Cline, Paradise by the Dashboard Lights by Meatloaf, any song by the Rolling Stones (or Rolling Bones as my students at the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute used to call them in 1980. Sigh.)

NAD: Do you have more hope now that Obama has been elected?


Not only do I have more hope since Obama has been elected, but I have more faith and charity. Give people hope and they will follow you anywhere. (Note to U.S. CEOs).

Give people hope and they will follow you anywhere.

NAD: Tell us what you really think about George W. Bush and the last four years.


Bush and his family have been a cancer on this country for a lot longer than the last four years.

NAD: Please feel free to include any other information about your background, your family, art and web site that you wish to be added.


I've been married for 23 years to a journalist, and our son, now 22, is studying in Tianjin, China, perfecting his Mandarin Chinese.

I live part time in Costa Rica, where my husband and I bought property years ago and built a home before the prices surged.

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