MATT SULLIVAN & The Rock Creek Free Press

Scientists Find Explosives

in World Trade Center Dust

Wall Street Bailout Exceeds

Cost of All US Wars Combined

And you can throw in the New Deal,

Marshall Plan and Moon Shots as well

NY Times Complicit

in FBI Anthrax Coverup

Cheney Directed

Assassination Ring

New American
Dream Interview

MATT SULLIVAN, 52, lives in Bethesda, Maryland.

He is the editor and publisher of The Rock Creek Free Press, a newspaper in Washington, D.C.

He has a degree in chemistry as well as graduate training in medicinal chemistry, electronics and computer systems architecture.
"We distributed our first issue on January 23, 2007 at the great anti-war rally on the Mall in Washington. We distributed about 5,000 copies of the paper among the roughly 300,000 in attendance that day.

"The first year saw just five issues go to press; most for special events like the anti-war rally and the September 11 anniversary commemoration."


Trained in chemistry at the University of Delaware he worked as a R&D engineer at HP before taking graduate training in chemistry at the University of Texas in Austin.

It was in Austin where he met his wife, Elaine, and also where he became involved with the nascent Dell Computer Corporation, where he worked for seven years, until 1993.

Matt now lives with his wife and son in his home town of Bethesda, a suburb of Washington, DC, since 1993 and has been involved in the 9/11 truth movement since early 2005.

"9/11 Activists
create newspaper to cover 9/11 Truth"

Rock Creek Free Press will release its first issue to coincide with the Jan. 27 Peace March on Washington. While the paper is not exclusively dedicated to 9/11 truth, it is one of the main topics we will cover.

The first issue has no less than five articles on 9/11, including articles by Webster Tarpley and Wayne Madsen. In addition, Cynthia McKinney writes about the need for impeachment, while Louis Wolf writes about the looming conflict with Iran, and much more.

Read it now at http://RockCreekFreePress.com.

Most of the first press run of 10,000 copies will be distributed at the January 27th peace march on Washington, but copies of the paper will be available to interested 9/11 truth activists across the country.

To get your copy, visit the RockCreekFreePress.com website and click on SUBSCRIBE. I will send you a copy of the paper at no charge and with no obligation.

We are already planning the next issue which will be dedicated exclusively to 9/11truth. We are designing that issue to be an educational tool for 9/11 truth groups across the country. The newspaper format permits us to produce an expansive and powerful educational tool at a very low cost. If that sounds like something your local 9/11 truth group would be interested in, please contact me through the website, RockCreekFreePress.com.

With your support, I intend to publish "The Creek" as often as I can, and make it available around all the power centers of Washington. Even if the Senators and Congress people don't read it, if their cab driver, the doorman, waiters, and others around them do, it can't help but have an impact. And who knows, maybe even congressional staffers and a few lawmakers will have the courage to pick up a copy.

Please visit the website and help support the RockCreekFreePress.com

Come to Washington this weekend to demand the truth. dc911truth.org has all the details.

Matt Sullivan, Editor@RockCreekFreePress.com


The New American Dream Trivia Question

To win something be the last person to correctly answer the following.

Matt Sullivan would rather be ....

a. The "Dude, you're getting a Dell" guy.

b. Riding the D.C. subway all day, this big smile on my face, it is awesome

c. Meeting Karl Rove in the alley behind the Lucky Bar on Connecticut

d. Breaking the story of David Ray Griffin as the Nobel Peace Prize Winner on the front page of The Rock Creek Free Press.

e. Ben Franklin, in the early days of journalism, fighting the good fight

f. Getting booked into the D.C. jail for sedition, moving over on the bench in the holding tank to make room for Dick Cheney


I actually was a, the Dell guy... obviously not the one on TV, but I was one of Dell's early tech-support guys manning the 800 lines when Dell was getting started in the late 80's in Austin Texas.

Actually I think d. breaking the DRG Nobel story would be great.


"Unfortunately, I think the
whole political system in this country
is so controlled by the ruling elites
that they won't allow real change to take place.
No genuine change-agent would be
allowed to rise to power and any that do,
like Paul Wellstone, are dealt with."

NAD: Matt, hello, thank you for taking the time for this.

... "graduate training in medicinal chemistry, electronics and computer systems architecture."

Dude, your day job must be king or emperor of something ... right?

All that university training and corporate work is in the past.

I worked for many years in the computer business, which is to say I worked in an office.

In fact the last five years before I quit that life I worked in a secure computer facility; locked in a vault, no windows, people had to be "buzzed" in and out ... I spent more time with machines than people, which I really didn't like.

I decided I wanted to get outside, so I quit that to start my own small business.

I now own a small construction business specializing in skylights.

Having my own business means my schedule is flexible so I have the time to work on other projects, like the newspaper.

I spend one week per month doing nothing but the newspaper and the other three weeks at my "day job".

NAD: So, in 2007 you started a print newspaper out of your garage to counter all the lies in the mega-papers in this country ... Don Quixote tilting at the Lincoln Monument.

How's that working out for you?

That's right.

I got so fed-up with my local paper, the Washington Post, that I threw it out and started my own.

The newspaper is definately the most interesting and exciting project I have ever worked on.

I have met so many interesting and impressive people and everyone has been so supportive of our effort.

It's been great.

I've met, or talked with famous journalists, like Paul Craig Roberts, Robert Perry, Kristina Borjesson, Wayne Madsen, and many others, who have been very generous and allowed us to re-print their work.

Everyone we have contacted has been so supportive of our effort, it tells me that there is a great need out there for independent honest journalism.

We provide an outlet for stories that otherwise wouldn't see ink and readers are hungry for it.

NAD: Would you like to choose one of these to answer, elaborate on?

I don't ask this to make fun. I ask because I really seek the answers.

Are UFOs real?
Did we land on the moon in 1968?
Did Bush knock down the towers?
Was Paul Wellstone's death an accident?
The Oklahoma City bombing? Wasn't that just another U.S. government terrorist exercise? Or not.
Waco. We burned kids, right? You can see flames shooting out of the tanks. Or not.
Is Bigfoot real?
Is there a God?

... What makes you think that?

Alright, before I pick one specific "conspiracy" from your list, let me just say that your list is very interesting and it is exactly the question of which "conspiracy theories" the paper should tackle that give us the most trouble.

Not all "conspiracy theories" are created equal.

Some are more popular, some have better evidence, and some have more believers, some are true, some are not; but from my perspective, as a newspaper man, the question is which ones have good evidence that we can make into a good article.

The paper has covered the OKC bombing in an original series of articles by Wendy Painting, and we cover 9/11 in almost every issue.

One conspiracy we haven't covered, that I think we should is the Wellstone tragedy.

I do think Paul Wellstone was probably targeted for assassination. The question is whether there is enough evidence and can we get a good article to explore the issue.

NAD: Print vs. online vs. sitting on your hands.

How do you pay for it?

At this point subscriptions are paying for about half of our printing and mailing expense.

Donations make up about half of the remainder, and I pay the rest out of my own pocket.

We are not a money making operation, but I don't think any start-up newspaper ever is.

I would be happy if we could reach break-even within a year.

Why print?

There are a lot of on-line publications out there.

But to actually put something on paper, to have presses roll and thousands of actual printed copies ship to all parts of the country and five foreign countries ... that takes a higher level of commitment than just posting something on the internet.

I think it makes it more real.

It also means that copies of the paper are indexed and archived in libraries including the Library of Congress. What we print becomes part of the official national record.

Who helps you?

We couldn't do this without the help and support of over a dozen volunteers here in Washington who help us proof read and edit the paper before it goes to print, and help us fold, stamp and label the nearly one thousand papers that are mailed to subscribers.

Most of the people who help with the paper are from the 9/11 truth movement, members of dc911truth.org.

How long can you keep this up? ...

We are into our third year of publication and subscriptions are increasing at the fastest rate yet.

At some point, probably within a year, the operation will become large enough that we will have to "professionalize" the paper and make it into a real business.

... What good has your paper done?

It is impossible to know the full impact that any of us have on the world but I have been amazed at the at the effect that the paper has had, sometimes in subtle ways.

We get fan letters from readers, and those are always fun, but even more heartening are the people who say they really like our coverage of health issues, or our history articles, but they don't completely agree with our 9/11 coverage ... but at least they are thinking about it.

We actually had a radio DJ here in D.C., on a sports radio station, spend about 30 minutes on-air ranting about a 9/11 truth article in our paper.

Wow, you couldn't buy better coverage if you paid for it and that has happened several times, and on TV as well.

It is extraordinarily difficult to get people to seriously consider something outside their comfort level, like 9/11 truth.

We have been more effective because we present 9/11 truth and other controversial issues in context, and show other examples, both historic and contemporary, of government sponsored false flag terror and deceit.

We have also developed quite a loyal readership among the local people here in Washington.

We distribute the paper for free in vending machines at most of the subway stations in Washington and they go quickly.

NAD: Do you have hope in Obama?

I hate to be critical of the guy [when he hasn't even taken office], but I'm afraid I don't have much hope for real change from the Obama administration.

That is based mainly on the team he is assembling, which is mostly long-time party apparatchicks, and based on the fact that he has signed-on to the Bush "War on Terror" doctrine and he is refusing to pursue investigation and prosecution of Bush administration wrongdoing.

Unfortunately, I think the whole political system in this country is so controlled by the ruling elites that they won't allow real change to take place.

No genuine change-agent would be allowed to rise to power and any that do, like Paul Wellstone, are dealt with.

That said, there is the small possibility that Obama could change, could break free of his programming and his handlers.

That is what happened with JFK, he broke free of the cold-war paradigm and sought peace with the Soviets, so he had to go.

The same thing, to some extent, is what happened with Nixon. He was much more liberal that his handlers wanted, so they set him up for a fall.

I think Obama knows the stakes, so I really don't expect him to stray off the reservation; but there's always hope.

NAD: Does your favorite coffee cup have words on it? What are they?*

Funny question: my favorite coffee cut has two cartoon animals in a tree and says:
There is nothing like a friend ... friends see things eye-to-eye.

NAD: What did you absolutely have to get done by noon today?

I had to send out emails reminding our writers of the deadline for the next issue of the paper and another e-mail to the local volunteers at dc911truth about our next meeting and to bring articles for the paper if they have them ready.



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