DAPHNE WEBB — writer, activist, green wedding planner, and a look back at the DNC protests in Denver


Democratic National Convention, Denver
Eric Gidcumb (red shirt) and Clayton McKee
were both savagely beaten by police

during a confrontation in the Denver streets Monday night
which led to over 100 arrests and many injuries.

August 25, 2008
Photo credit: Joeff Davis

"It was mostly intense to witness
first hand what a
police state looks like.
They were traveling in packs
— no less than three together at anytime,
but the norm was over five
— everywhere they went."


"I shout out to the tens of millions of protesters:

I hope that you always remember that one person can make a difference. Be creative. Be respectful. Ask hard questions!

Don't be afraid! Take it one day at a time. Use what you can to send out the message and next time, bring three more friends than you did this weekend.

Our common theme is this: We will not surrender the fight. We have to do something.

And it takes courage to do this under a [False] Orange Alert, with fifty cops in riot gear all round you."

Daphne Webb, "Cost of Freedom: The Anthology Of Peace & Activism," Howling Dog Press, Denver, Colorado

New American Dream Interview

DAPHNE WEBB, 39, lives in Denver, Colorado.

She was involved in the planning for the protests at the Democratic National Convention, held last summer in Denver.

She was a contributing writer for Cost of Freedom: The Anthology of Peace & Activism.

She was a supporter of the organizers for protests at the Democratic National Convention and hosted the "welcome table" until it got broken up by mounted police.

She operates "Colorado Green Weddings & Events."

She's a voting rights activist — get rid of the DRE's! Electronic Voting Machines. NOW!

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NAD: Daphne, hello, thank you for taking the time for this.

Where are you from, originally?

Miami, Florida.

What high school?

South Miami Senior High School — Go Cobras!


Tarkio College, Tarkio, MO — Go Owls!

What did start out wanting to be?

An actress.

Does that still interest you?

Hell no.

NAD: A green wedding planner.

How does that work?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Plan it for the planet!

Green dresses, tuxedos?

I have a client who told her brides maids to make their own dresses out of dirt and leaves. Hahaha ... No seriously, it's just an effort to keep events from getting out of hand.

NAD: Would you like to choose one of these to answer, elaborate on?

I don't ask this to make fun. I ask because I really seek the answers.

Are UFOs real?

Yes, of course, we cannot be so ignorant to think we are the only intelligence in a massive endless diverse universe.

Also — they give me hope, that there is more to all this then meets the eye.

I am ALWAYS looking for them.

Not yet, but I haven't seen a Moose either and I know they exist.

Did we land on the moon in 1968?

No — but how would I know, I wasn't born yet.

Did Bush knock down the towers?

No, Cheney did. Bush was trying to read an children's book for seven minutes.

Longest 7 minutes ever. Bush drowned the people in New Orleans silly.

Was Paul Wellstone's death an accident?

Yes, just like Michael Connell's was.

The Oklahoma City bombing? Wasn't that just another U.S. government terrorist exercise?

??? I can't talk about that one.

Waco. We burned kids, right? You can see flames shooting out of the tanks. Or not.

I can't talk about this one either. Sorry.

Is Bigfoot real?

Yes, so is the Lochness monster and ghosts and entities — they surround us all the time.

Is there a God?

God is The Sun.

Don't you forget it.

... What makes you think that?

It's been here all along.

I believe the Bible is an elaborate riddle to tell us about the white light, the giver of all life on earth, our savior.

When you bask in the sunlight, isn't it heavenly?

NAD: The whole DNC protest.

That was pretty intense, right?

Yes, it was.

But it was nothing compared to the RNC protests.

I do give the city of Denver some credit for keeping it at the very least, mild in terms of abuse of power.

However, there are eight people in Minnesota that are facing years in prison.
[Twin Cities Daily Planet]

It was mostly intense to witness first hand what a police state looks like.

They were traveling in packs — no less than three together at anytime, but the norm was over five — everywhere they went.

The blue plastic handcuffs on their belts were for us and we knew it.

Thankfully, I never got to wear them.

NAD: What did the protests accomplish?

I think mainly, a presence.

A support system for all the people who came to Denver that are pissed about the establishment's situation.

I felt a sense of happiness in seeing the numbers grow.

NAD: Did you meet any nice FBI agents during your planning sessions?


Maybe I did, but I'll never know.

Any assholes?

Frankly, some of the protestors were assholes too.

Bless their scrappy hearts.

NAD: Do you have hope in Obama?

I want to.

I felt such an excitement on Election Night.

I did a citizen based exit poll and barely got home in time for the announcement.

I think he's a great speaker.

My concern is that perhaps our standards have been lowered so far by the Burning Bush, that we're just excited to have a guy that can read and finish an entire sentence without a bunch of peeance freeance.

I'm getting a little worried about these appoinments.

Rahm Emanuel? Can you say Zionist Illuminati? Hillary? Come on. Do we really need another Bush or another Clinton in high office? Gates? What?!

NAD: Does your favorite coffee cup have words on it? What are they?

No, it is a handmade cup that reminds me of my friend who made it.

NAD: What did you absolutely have to get done by noon today?

A shower. = )

NAD: How about by Christmas 2009?
A stockpile of food and supplies for the big crash that's upon us.



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