DENISE DIAZ — Brewing up a Revolution in downtown Des Moines

Ritual Café is a concept that developed between friends
over dinner one evening.
It was a thought mentioned out loud, one of those “Oh, wouldn’t it be cool to have a great little place that…”
It was a seed.

A seed that has been planted. It is our dream to become a hub of cultural creativity by creating an open, loving and diverse environment that mutually supports free, respectful expression in a variety of art forms. … Oh yeah! And we sell really great coffee and food, too!

OMega Smoothies

All OMega Smoothies include hemp nut, a little nut with a big blast of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. All smoothies are non dairy made from natural fruit juices that contain no artificial sugar.

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Booking Info

Please send demo/sample CD to:

1301 Locust St., Suite D

Des Moines, IA 50309

*Do not send Electronic Press Kits

House Sound consists of:

2 - Speakers

2 - Mics on boomstands

8 Channel Head

2 - Monitors w/separate amp

A revolution has to start somewhere — why not over a cup of coffee?

Linda Shepley and Denise Diaz, co-owners of the Ritual Cafè

New American Dream Interview

DENISE DIAZ, 42, lives in Des Moines, Iowa.

She is an owner of The Ritual Cafe in downtown Des Moines, located at 1301 Locust Street.

The Ritual has been there for three and a half years.

A staple of the cafe is regular life music.


The New American Dream Trivia Question:

To win a round button that says, "Bush Is Lying About What He Knew," be the first one to correctly answer the following.

Denise Diaz would rather be ....

a. Somewhere in Dubuque b. At Spaghetti Works c. Cooking on TV d. Trying out for American Idol e. In Cicily, Alaska f. Washing dishes, away from the crowd


NAD: Denise, hello, thank you for taking the time for this.

How does an oatmeal, hemp granola, yogurt, yogurt w/hemp granola cafe go over in downtown Des Moines?

It requires a lot of explaining on our part.

Once we explain that hemp food contains no THC, people lose interest even though it is healthy food for them.

NAD: Where are you from? What were you doing before the Ritual?

I was born here in Des Moines and raised in Valley Junction in West Des Moines.

Before the ritual I was roasting and managing Java Joes Coffee house downtown Des Moines.

NAD: Which came first, the music or the omelette?


NAD: Would you like to choose one of these to answer, elaborate on?

I don't ask this to make fun. I ask because I really seek the answers.

Are UFOs real?
Did we land on the moon in 1968?
Did Bush knock down the towers?
Was Paul Wellstone's death an accident?
The Oklahoma City bombing? Wasn't that just another U.S. government terrorist exercise? Or not.
Waco. We burned kids, right? You can see flames shooting out of the tanks. Or not.
Is Bigfoot real?
Is there a God?

... What makes you think that?

Are you setting me up?

I do believe UFOs are real.

How do you think all these aliens got here anyway?

NAD: How did you survive the Bush years?

anax, red wine and a lot of political dissent.

I hope Obama will lead us to a peaceful place.
What is most important to
me is ending the wars.

NAD: Do you anticipate having to survive the Obama years, struggle through — or do you have hopes for something better?

What do you think about the election of Obama?

Do you have high hopes?

Hopes at all?

Why? Why not?

To me, it always a struggle ...

However, I am pleased with the election of Obama.

I hope Obama will lead us to a peaceful place.

What is most important to me is ending the wars.

Restoring faith and trust in our relationships with other countries.

Yeah, I have real high hopes ....

NAD: Please tell us more about yourself, the things you have done, what you would like to do, what you did today.

What did you absolutely have to get done by noon today?

How about by Christmas 2009?

Today I had the day off so I slept in.

Got up made a cup of wonderful ritual coffee and soaked in the wonderful aromas.

I am getting ready to take my dog, Sasha, for a walk in the woods ...

NAD: What does the "Ritual" in Ritual Cafe mean?

Instead of a routine, make it a ritual.

Make it holy... Do what you do with intent.

Every moment is a celebration of life.

NAD: Are you making a political statement through your presence?

Hell yes.

NAD: Are you having fun?

Hell yes.

NADD: What else would you like to add? What else should I have asked?

Peace, love the American Dream!!!!!

NAD: Please insert a link here to something you would like linked to, with a brief tag re: where that link goes:

DENISE DIAZ: (hippest coffeeshop on the planet) (a musicians search for the human cost of war) (radical blog from some crazy chicano with brilliant insight)



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